Until my last breath.


Creativity is a way of life for me. I find that it brings me peace and calm that nothing else in the world can bring. I have spent time doing formal training in art school, but feel life has given me more preparation in terms of what and how to create. Having a myopic childhood and long periods of isolated uncertainty in my younger adulthood are really the core of my artistic foundation. Of course, there is the love in life, the mistakes of being human and the acceptance the days you don't plan. All of this, I try to put into my photography, designs, paintings, illustrations and sculptures. At the end of the day, being creative is more of a way of living that tests me everyday. I suppose, I share my work with others to help them know that they are not alone in a seemingly infinite world. If my work inspires or helps just one person to live a better moment, then the extent of what I create is worth it.


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